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Terms and Conditions


1. Arrival for the Experience

Guests are required to arrive at the venue (Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures) at the agreed start time in the confirmation email. Finish times cannot be amended to accommodate for late arrival. Missed bookings will not be re-scheduled. 

2. Unruly Behaviour

Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated. The Hirer shall be responsible for the good conduct of all guests. Merlin staff have the authority to remove any guests from the premises if they are behaving in an unruly, dangerous or otherwise unacceptable manner.

3. Dietary Requirements

All special requirements are to be made known to the Illawarra Fly Team at the time of booking. Whilst all care will be taken to provide special meals to meet all dietary requirements, the venue is unable to guarantee that any meal will be 100% free of all traces of nuts, dairy, gluten or other products that may produce allergic reactions in certain people. For extreme allergies, special arrangements must be discussed prior to booking.

4. Decorations / Theming

Any decorations or theming must receive prior written approval from the Illawarra Fly Team. Should you choose to arrange any additional theming for the space, the use of confetti, glitter scatters, shells and balloons is prohibited.

5. Native Wildlife

All of our native wildlife  must be treated with respect at all times. Any behaviour or activity that endangers or threatens the welfare of our wildlife or compromises the habitats will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate removal of the guest by staff.

6. Cancellation

In the regrettable circumstances that a customer cancels a booking, the venue shall be entitled to the following payment:

6a. Cancelation with a full refund will be permitted up to 10 working days prior to your experience date.

6b. If cancellation for a booking occurs less than 10 working days prior to the experience date the full payment will be retained.

Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures may cancel a Confirmed Booking at any time if there is a force majeure event, or any other event, which in the reasonable opinion of Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures, causes it to be unsafe or inappropriate to hold the booking. In the event of cancellation of a Confirmed Booking by Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures, there will be a refund of the event total to the Hirer if, in the reasonable opinion of Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures, the Hirer is not in any way responsible for the cancellation.

7. Breach of Agreement

Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures reserve the right at their sole discretion to refuse to approve any booking or to cancel the agreement for Hire at any time for any breach of the above Terms and Conditions. Failure by the Hirer to abide by these Terms and Conditions will be regarded as a breach of the agreement for Hire giving Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures the right to retain full payment.