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Treetop Walk

Self-Guided Treetop Walk

The Illawarra Fly Treetop Walk is a self-guided walk where students can take their time exploring and taking in their surroundings.

The walk is a 1.5 km loop track with 1,000 metres of ground-based walking, allowing the students to investigate the rainforest at the forest floor and a further 500 metres of elevated steel walkway. This walkway rises 20-30 metres above ground, offering students the chance to explore the rainforest canopy. This elevated steel walkway also features two gently swaying cantilever and a central tower known as Knights Tower, which stands at an impressive 45 metres above ground and provides a bird’s eye view over Illawarra Escarpment and out to the Pacific Ocean.

The visitor's centre is a perfect place to regroup after the walk, with plenty of tables and chairs for the students to complete class worksheets and a large open field to sit and enjoy lunch!



Students Teachers
Treetop Walk$10.00
Treetop WalkFREE*
Treetop Walk + Zipline Tour$40.00
Treetop Walk + Zipline TourFREE*
Treetop Walk + Archery$20.00
Treetop Walk + ArcheryFREE*

*Please see below teacher ratios that entitle FREE entry.

1:3 for Pre-school

1:6 for K-2

1:8 for 3-12

1:1 Special needs (all teachers free)

Any additional teacher you have on the excursion outside of these ratios will be required to pay at student price.