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Escape the city and runaway to the Circus
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Experience the magic of the Enchanted Circus at Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventure this Easter! Escape the city for the school holidays and let your imagination soar to the clouds as you explore the best of the Australian bushland. This captivating adventure has something for all members of the family and will take you away from the city life.

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Can you find the Easter Bunny?

Rabbit the Ringmaster's cousin the Easter Bunny is paying the Circus a visit this Easter Long Weekend. On the way the cheeky gnomes have gotten a hold of all the ears the Easter Bunny bought for the Circus as a housewarming gift. The Easter Bunny needs your help to find them. Can you find the Easter Bunny's ears along the Enchanted Forest trail? Did the Gnomes hide them with the fairies? Or maybe the Mermaid know where they are? When you find them, take them to admissions to be given a sweet surprise. 

DATES: April 8th-10th (the Long Weekend) 

WHEN: 10am-11am and 1pm-2pm 

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Circus Challenge Activity

Do you think you have the talents to become a part of Rabbit the Ringmaster's troupe? Participate in the Circus Challenge to find out - activities include balance beam, hula hooping, juggling, and more! Train up your skills to determine which type of circus performer you are.

Activity sheet and Circus games located at Admissions. 

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